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Bread production plant

SyskeyOT SysLog Management

Log management helps you to identify security breaches, comply with regulatory guidance, and helps to maintain a healthy security posture within your organisation.

Do More With Your Logs

Don't leave your data on the shop floor, put it to use to improve your operations.

SysLog & WinLog

Capture Syslog, WinLog and Linux Logs from your OT Network, Store and Forward the Critical Data.

Transfer Critical Data

Transfer Data to additional SIEM, SOC and Splunk for further action.

Full APi Integration

Scribbler supports API integration to query KPI's and system information

Optimise your operation

Scribbler is a solution for enterprises who value their log data. It is an one-stop solution for centralized log management. It comes with agent and agentless methods of log collection, custom log parsing, Analysis with reports and powerful log search engine.

Scribbler is an invaluable tool for administrators to identify & diagnose problems on their infrastructure: collecting, storing, analysing, and forwarding logs in real-time. It's a cost effective solution with web-based analytical dashboard gives insights into the state of a system and its progress.

syskeyot usage diagram
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