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OT to IT OPC Data

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Low Cost Data Diode

Over the years, the team have implemented several OT data diodes which are hardware based. Mainly in the Nuclear industry, where we've been tasked with helping our customer to transfer OPC Data between the OT & IT environments, however, sometimes you need a level of security but cannot justify a full data diode investment of circa £20k, or you may wish to transfer data securely off-site to the cloud, or another location via UDP.


This is where we started working with vNode Automation. One of their modules supports both a software data diode, and supports manufacturers' hardware diodes, with prices starting from around £2.5K-5K - it started to save at least 25% of the cost of a full hardware solution!

Screenshot 2023-03-28 100736.png

Key Highlights

Port Configuration

Configurable UDP port for increased flexibility.

Source Validation

Whitelisting in order to
ensure data is only received from approved sources.

Avoids Data Loss

Data integrity algorithms to avoid data loss.

Keep Data Quality

One-way keep-alive to manage data quality on the receiver side.

Low Bandwidth

Compression for reducing the required bandwidth.

Transit Encryption 

Data encryption for increased

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